Juvederm in Paramount and Huntington Park, CAWith Juvéderm®, an FDA-approved hyaluronic acid filler, you can smooth away the most stubborn of lines and enhance your face and lips in just a few minutes. With the help of Rumi Lakha, DO, and the expert aestheticians at Alena Skin Care in Huntington Park, and Paramount, California, you can undergo a personalized “liquid face-lift” treatment and turn back the hands of time with Juvéderm. Find out why this dermal filler continues to be the most in-demand injectable by booking a consultation at the medical spa today. You can conveniently schedule over the phone.

How does Juvéderm work?

Juvéderm is one of the original hyaluronic acid dermal fillers on the market, and because it has extensive clinical research behind it, you can feel confident that treatments are safe and effective.

The collection of Juvéderm fillers are made of a gel-like substance that contains several bonding agents and varying concentrations of synthetic hyaluronic acid, which are each designed to be used on different areas of your face.

Juvéderm instantly adds volume. It can either replace volume in an area where you’ve lost it due to aging, or it can plump up areas you wish had more volume.

While the gel-like substance fills in gaps and grooves, the hyaluronic acid absorbs water molecules and enhances nutrient delivery to your skin. The end result is seriously smoother, plumper skin that looks and feels naturally youthful.

What can Juvéderm treat?

Juvéderm treatment packages from Alena Skin Care are entirely personalized to any concerns you might have, as well as what you’d like to achieve. You can get started on Juvéderm treatments to:

  • Plump and contour your cheekbones
  • Fill in grooves, like nasolabial folds
  • Add volume to your lips

As an alternative to Juvéderm, you may benefit from Radiesse®. This collagen stimulator not only fills in grooves and adds volume, it also helps your body develop skin-tightening collagen over time.

Dr. Lakha and his aesthetic team sometimes pairs Juvéderm or Radiesse with Botox® injections for optimal anti-aging effects. Botox is ideal for smoothing out lines and wrinkles near your eyes or across your forehead.

When does Juvéderm wear off?

Juvéderm continues to be one of the most popular services at Alena Skin Care because treatments can be scheduled during your lunch break and provide almost immediate results.

While you could have a little redness or minor swelling around the injection sites for a day or two, as soon as these side effects wear off, your optimal results can last for up to a year or longer, depending on which type of dermal filler you need.

Book your Juvéderm consultation at Alena Skin Care today. Call the medical spa directly to book a visit.

Individual results may vary.