IV Therapy in Paramount and Huntington Park, CAIf you have dull or dry skin, low energy during the day, or simply don’t fully feel like yourself, you might have an imbalance of nutrients like vitamins and antioxidants. At Alena Skin Care in Huntington Park, and Paramount, California, Rumi Lakha, DO, helps combat such symptoms with IV treatment, a therapeutic procedure that delivers high levels of nutrients directly into your bloodstream. Call the medical spa or book your appointment online to learn more about IV treatment at Alena Skin Care today.

How does IV treatment work?

IV treatment is a relatively new and increasingly popular treatment for a variety of benefits, including anti-aging of the skin and hydration. If you’ve ever been in the hospital and had an IV bag attached to your arm, IV treatment works in the same way.

At Alena Skin Care, you recline comfortably as Dr. Lahka or a member of his team finds a vein in your arm and carefully inserts the needle. A number of nutrients, like vitamins and minerals, flow into your vein in a dilute solution that your body can tolerate.

What types of nutrients are used in my IV treatment?

The combination of nutrients that you receive in your IV drip depends largely on the symptoms you’re experiencing or your reasons for seeking IV treatment. Dr. Lahka assesses your current state of wellness to decide which vitamins and minerals will benefit you the most.

Your IV treatment might include a high dose of:

Vitamin C

You’re probably already familiar with vitamin C: Your body doesn’t make it, but you can get it from citrus fruits and veggies. In a high-dose IV, vitamin C fights weakness, tiredness, and other deficiency symptoms. It’s also known to boost collagen growth to strengthen your skin.


Glutathione is a strong antioxidant that is essential to many of your body’s functions. In an IV treatment, a high dose of glutathione helps prevent cell damage and helps alleviate symptoms of neurological disorders.

What are the benefits of IV treatment?

The main draw of IV treatment, which is growing in popularity, is that the nutrients go directly into your blood. While these products are available in over-the-counter supplements at any grocery store, and many of them are plentiful in the food you eat, your digestive system doesn’t allow all of them to reach your bloodstream where they can make a difference.

After getting an adequate supply of the nutrients you need with IV treatment, you may notice:

  • Higher energy
  • Hydration
  • A better mood
  • Smoother skin
  • Immune boost
  • Fewer allergies
  • Better breathing
  • Stress relief

Dr. Lakha gives you a full idea of the possible benefits that you might get depending on the nutrients in your IV drip and your symptoms when you arrive for treatment.

To learn more about IV treatment and explore its numerous benefits, book your consultation by phone at (562) 602-8877 (Paramount) or (323) 835-0882 (Huntington Park) or online at Alena Skin Care today.